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Our customer service is our #1 selling point. We take great pride in creating loyal fans one paving job at a time and it shows in our reviews. Prepare to have one of the best paving experiences possible with James Dougherty Construction, and rest easy knowing you will be taken care of as if you are our family! Last year alone, over 100 Florida families/ businesses chose James Dougherty Construction to help them with their Paving and sealing needs.


-Paving (“overlaying”) is the most common method utilized to extend the life of your parking lot. It gives your lot the appearance of brand new construction, without actually removing the existing asphalt parking lot. A traditional overlay scope involves placing a new layer of asphalt over the top of your existing parking lot. The thickness of an overlay is typically 1.5″ but this can vary depending on traffic conditions and customer needs.

We also offer a geotextile fabric option, which goes between the old and new asphalt and serves as a waterproof membrane (call for details). If properly maintained, an overlay product can last 10-15+ years, depending on site conditions. In extremely deteriorated asphalt parking lots, where overlaying is not an option, we have the capabilities of completely removing and replacing/repaving the existing parking lot OR we can offer a pulverize and pave scope. In this method, we would provide a pulverize machine to grind up the existing asphalt into small pieces/bits and then recycle it by utilizing the material, where applicable, for a new base, prior to paving scope. This is environmentally sound and also a great way to improve pre existing drainage and sub grade issues.


A thin asphalt surface treatment used to waterproof and improve the texture of an asphalt wearing surface. Depending on the purpose, seal coats may or may not be covered with aggregate. The main types of seal coats are fog seals, aggregate seals, slurry seals, and sand seals.

Seal coating is an economical way to protect your asphalt from the harmful UV rays here in Florida.The Master Seal MTR product we proudly utilize contains anti-oxidation additives to protect your asphalt and improve the appearance of your parking lot. Sealing will delay raveling (loss of aggregate), fill in minor voids and provide a uniform color throughout your property. This scope should be performed every 3-5 years, depending on the traffic and overall condition of asphalt.

Asphalt Millings

At James Dougherty Construction we specialize in asphalt millings. Turn your driveway into a nice clean smooth driveway with asphalt millings. It’s 100 percent recycled clean and crushed asphalt millings perfect driveways lanes and parking areas. We also deliver asphalt millings if like it spread and rolled we take care of all you asphalt millings needs.

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